My First Sourced Box


For a while now I have been meaning to sign up to the monthly subscription box that is Sourced Box, and finally I did it.

If you don’t already know Sourced Box is a box full of healthy and natural snacks. I basically heard about it because two of my favourite YouTubers, Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart, are the co-founders of the box.

After months of watching other people opening and testing the products in the box, I gave in and subscribed. It’s not the cheapest subscription box at £18.95 a month but it’s definitely not unaffordable and I would say it’s worth the money. You really do get a packed box of goodies.

I was so excited when this arrived, I love subscription boxes, it feels like you are getting presents every month, and I wasn’t disappointed with this one.


I really like that there is such a variety of products from porridge to raw chocolate, to dried fruit, to a coconut milk drink. I’m so excited to try it all out.

I have already eaten the Ape Coconut Curls, I knew I would like these. I have tried the lightly salted ones before and I loved them so I pretty much knew I was going to like the peppery ones. They were yummy! Doesn’t sound right, pepper on coconut, but trust me it works.

I’m really hoping that these boxes are going to help me discover some new healthy snacks that I really like so I can start swapping out the junk food for the healthy food. One of these days I will stick to the healthy food, at least now I have a monthly reminder to at least try and stick to it.

I would highly recommend giving this box a go whether you are a health freak or just want to be, it’s honestly worth it.

Do you have any healthy snacks you love and would recommend?

Julz xx



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