Blogmas : Having a Little Break 

I have to be honest and say I just haven’t been as organised for this month as I planned to be, in any aspect. I swear it’s not because Nugget and I have been watching too much YouTube, like in the picture above.

I planned to have my Christmas shopping done early, my house spotless in plenty time and all my blog posts done in advance. None of that has happened and it’s all getting a bit much, so I’m having a break. 

I didn’t get a post done yesterday, this is all I’m doing today and there won’t be one tomorrow. I will still do one on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day though. 

I am disappointed that I haven’t managed a post a day but if I’m only missing 3 days that’s not exactly bad. 

I just need to get myself organised for Christmas. Really want to get all my housework up to date and I need to get mine and the cats stuff ready for going to my parents house. 

Busy busy busy! 

Julz xx


Blogmas Day 18: Tackling My Unhealthy Relationship With Food

I found it….No idea what went wrong but I’m going to publish this again because it bugs me that it’s missing.


I’m going to be honest, this post is going up very late in the day because I feel like crap! I am so so tired just now, I have no idea what is going on with me. What I do know is that because I am feeling crappy I have been eating a load of crap. Continue reading

Blogmas Day 17: Making My Christmas Cards 


For the past few years I have been making my own cards. I don’t always do it. It’s something I pick up now and again. This year I decided all my Christmas cards would be handmade. Partly to save a bit of money and partly because I needed something creative to keep me busy.

I’m not an overly creative person so anything too challenging I give up. That’s why I like this, it’s simple and easy to do.

I tend to buy the Hunkydory topper or decoupage sets. They come with everything you need and then you just have to buy blank cards and away you go.


Glue dots and double sided sticky tape are my best friends when it comes to card making. When I started I tried using glue…bad idea, way too messy.


My storage solution for all my card making bits and bobs is causing me stress just now,  I have to say. It’s just a great big plastic box. I need to get some proper storage because this is a nightmare. I end up pulling everything out just to find what I need and suddenly I will be surrounded by stuff.

It’s worth it though. A handmade card has so much more value than a bought one, and I find it relaxing making them.

Do you prefer a homemade card?

Julz xx

Blogmas – What Happened to Day 16?

I have a confession, I had plenty time to write a post yesterday, but I got distracted.

I was in Edinburgh all day until maybe 6ish and then I came home, sat down, and that was that.

Honestly I just popped Netflix on and didn’t move for hours. I have made the mistake of starting watching Pretty Little Liars. I just wanted to see what the big deal was, and now I’m hooked. I will lose days to this programme. I’m on season 2 episode 10 so far, so I still have a fair way to go.  Continue reading

Blogmas Day 15: Who Ate All The Pies?


I have done you all a massive favour, I have eaten a heck of a lot of mince pies and reviewed them, just for you. Wouldn’t want to have the wrong ones on Christmas day now would you?

Now I don’t know if you have noticed but there are so many different ones out there, so I decided to keep it basic. I went for the standard pies from Asda, Tesco, Co-op, Sainsbury’s, M and S and Lidl. Continue reading