Blogmas Day 1: Hello December 


Well it is finally here! Hello December and Hello Blogmas.

I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am that December has begun and Christmas is just 25 days away.

I really am a big kid when it comes to Christmas, it’s most definitely my favourite time of year. I have decided to go all out this year and really make the most out of the festive season.


It’s finally time to start opening our advent calendars! This year the cat’s have the lily’s Kitchen ones and I have the SacconeJoly’s one and a Body Shop one and a Look Fantastic one …..and a Lindt one. Yes I have four advent calendars I got a bit excited ok?!

I will be posting what I get in my advent calendars every day on my instagram , and the cat’s enjoying theirs on their instagram so please go and follow us to see that.

I’m going to do my absolute best to have a post every day up to Christmas, a mixture of beauty, home, lifestyle and of course, pet posts.

I hope you are looking forward to this month as much as me.

Sooo excited 🙂

Julz xx


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