Blogmas Day 6 : Things I’m Liking Right Now

I have never been good at doing regular monthly favourites so I thought I would just do a thing’s I have been liking recently post instead.


It’s that time of year again when hand cream becomes an essential item in every girls hand bag, and my hand creams of choice right now are the Zoella Wonder Hand and Hungry Hands. They retail at £5 and £5.50 and really are good value for money. The scents are nice without being too strong and the cream sinks in without leaving any stickiness.


Another beauty item I have been using a lot are the real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges. I have tried these sort of things before and never really liked using them, but upon trying again with these ones I have managed to get some pretty good results.


This might seem like a random one but I have a new favourite deodorant. I picked up this Mitchum roll on a couple of months ago and have used it every day since.It works so well. Not sure I would test out the 48hr claim though.


As it is now officially the festive season I think it’s only right I bring out the festive earrings again. Who am I kidding I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks already and have of course picked up several new pairs.


Food wise, I cannot get enough of mince pies right now. I know I know festive season typical favourite would be mince pie right? seriously though I have been eating them for months. Keep an eye out for a post dedicated to mince pies coming soon.

 What better place to end this post than on mince pies?

See you tomorrow!

Julz xx


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