Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Tree Problems


Have you ever tried putting up and decorating a christmas tree with two cats around? My advice is don’t!

I’m on day two so far of putting up the tree, it’s definitely going to take until day 3. I need to find a way to keep the cats out the tree. I am reluctant to put the decorations on until I have found a way to put them off. It’s one thing a tree falling over but a decorated one is just a nightmare.

Thing is I find putting the tree up myself stressful as it is, but Jess and Nugget make it 10 times harder.

I have spent hours researching how the hell to keep them out the tree and so far nothing has proved too successful. I’m resorting to hoping they get bored and lose interest. Wishful thinking I know.

Here’s how far I have gotten so far….

I cleared the area for the tree, normally I put my washing airers there, and popped on a festive film, I decided on Arthur Christmas


I have a very stupid tree that requires putting every bloody ‘branch’ in individually, so I had to sort them all into piles. They are colour coded so it wasn’t difficult but still a pain, but Jess helped….


Nugget hid in the box…


Then I had to put all the ‘branches’ in…

And finally…

img_5363Yey it’s up. Not gonna lie I hid it in the kitchen when I went to the work today so the cats couldn’t destroy it.

Now I didn’t manage to catch all the mischief on camera unfortunately but there was a lot. Jess has definitely climbed that tree at least 3 times so far. I’m sure she will climb it many more times as well.

Now I just need to try and decorate the thing…maybe by this time tomorrow night I will be all done and ready for Christmas! Wish me luck!

Julz xx


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