Blogmas Day 12: Festive Sourced Box


December’s Sourced Box has arrived! I must say I am very impressed with this months box.


They have added a nice little festive sleeve, this alone made me happy. Then I opened the box …


…wowsers, they sure do like to pack their boxes full. You really do get your moneys worth with Sourced Box.

I am so excited to tuck into these goodies.


Sourced Box – Christmas Spiced Chocolate Bar
Jake’s Boost – Cocoa Boost Snack Pot
Bluebird Tea Co. – Gingerbread Chai Tea
Nakd – Toffee Treat Nibbles
Be Mindful – Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding
Livia’s Kitchen – Raw Millionaire Bites
Saf Raw – Christmas Pudding Balls
Chi – Chocolate Coconut Milk
The Beginnings – Gingerbread Cookies
The Protein Ball Co. – Goji and Coconut Balls

To be honest I have already tried the raw millionaire bites and I like them a lot. I think some of these raw foods taste a bit odd at first and it’s easy to compare them to the things we are used to, which makes you think they aren’t great. If you look at them as something new though, and don’t try and compare them to the ‘real thing’, you can have a totally different experience and maybe discover you actually like them.

I really would recommend Sourced Box to anyone looking to discover some new, healthy snacks. I would probably never pick up some of these items but because they are being sent to me I will try them. Last month there was some Beet Balls and I honestly thought they sounded disgusting but I tried them and they turned out to be one of my favourite things in the box.

I’m really enjoying Sourced Box so far!

Julz xx


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