Blogmas Day 15: Who Ate All The Pies?


I have done you all a massive favour, I have eaten a heck of a lot of mince pies and reviewed them, just for you. Wouldn’t want to have the wrong ones on Christmas day now would you?

Now I don’t know if you have noticed but there are so many different ones out there, so I decided to keep it basic. I went for the standard pies from Asda, Tesco, Co-op, Sainsbury’s, M and S and Lidl.

Let’s start with Asda. I really wasn’t impressed with these. Right from the moment I took them out the box, I decided they weren’t great. The presentation is sloppy and although it doesn’t really show in the pictures they seemed a little overdone. The pastry was average, perfectly fine, but there was something odd about the filling . I can’t pin point what but I couldn’t eat them. Even my Mum didn’t like them.

The offering from the Co-op faired a little better, however if anything these seemed a bit pale and underdone. One extreme to another. The pastry had a nice enough flavour but it really sticks to your mouth. The filling however was a good flavour, if a little on the stodgy side.

First impressions of the Tesco mince pies were good, if a little average. The pastry has a nice flavour to it but it is a little thicker than I would like. The filling was nice enough, although this one left a bit of a funny after taste.

Sainsbury’s pies are ok. There is nothing particularly wrong with them, but nothing stands out either. I guess that’s the case with most of these to be honest. There’s not a lot to say about these. They are a nice mince pie.

I’m not entirely sure if these are the Lidl ones but they were all I could find instore, they just don’t appear to have Lidl branding and are called Favorina. They were ok. The pastry was good, the filling wasn’t so much to my taste though. Some of the fruit was of a harder texture, which I just didn’t like. Overall though they were fine and I did eat a few of them, so they can’t have been bad.Plus they are good value for money because you get 12 in a box, I can’t remember how much they cost, but it wasn’t expensive. The one to go for if you are looking for a bargain…and need a lot of mince pies.

Marks and Spencer 
I think these have to be my favourite of the bunch, which kind of annoys me because it’s the predictable favourite. The picture on the box is pretty accurate to what you get.  The pastry is buttery and a little crunchy on top, just right. The filling is a bit on the runny side compared to the others, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Overall the flavours are good and I would definitely recommend these. 

Overall most of these are just fine. I definitely would not purchase the Asda ones again and the Marks and Spencer’s would be my first choice. I would say however if you want a really good mince pie go to a Co-op with Instore Bakery and pick up their 4 Shortcrust Mince pies. They are the best, seriously!

I have to say though, I will not be eating any mince pies for a little while now, I may have to hold out until Christmas Day now.

Hope this helps you have the perfect mince pie for your Christmas Day…and to leave out for Santa of course.

Julz xx


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