Blogmas Day 17: Making My Christmas Cards 


For the past few years I have been making my own cards. I don’t always do it. It’s something I pick up now and again. This year I decided all my Christmas cards would be handmade. Partly to save a bit of money and partly because I needed something creative to keep me busy.

I’m not an overly creative person so anything too challenging I give up. That’s why I like this, it’s simple and easy to do.

I tend to buy the Hunkydory topper or decoupage sets. They come with everything you need and then you just have to buy blank cards and away you go.


Glue dots and double sided sticky tape are my best friends when it comes to card making. When I started I tried using glue…bad idea, way too messy.


My storage solution for all my card making bits and bobs is causing me stress just now,  I have to say. It’s just a great big plastic box. I need to get some proper storage because this is a nightmare. I end up pulling everything out just to find what I need and suddenly I will be surrounded by stuff.

It’s worth it though. A handmade card has so much more value than a bought one, and I find it relaxing making them.

Do you prefer a homemade card?

Julz xx


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