Blogmas Day 19: I Finally Decorated My Tree

I have had my Christmas tree up for quite a while now …with no decorations on at all. There are several reasons for that. 1- I’m lazy 2- I know the cats will wreck it and 3- I’m lazy. 

However, today was the day I finally decorated the tree. I had my two little helpers by my side the whole time. They weren’t awfully helpful though. Jess just kept trying to attack the lights as I put them on and Nugget sat in the box of baubles.

Oh and then he made himself really comfy …

…little bugger!

We got there though and it’s not the best but it’s done and I know it will be a mess soon enough anyway if the cats have anything to do with it!

It looks pretty in the dark though. I also had a bit of a tidy round and I have to say I feel much better and a bit more relaxed. It is true that a tidy house makes you feel better. I know I sleep better when the house is tidy. One less thing to stress about I guess.

Fingers crossed the tree makes it to Christmas Day!

Julz xx


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