Blogmas Day 20: All Wrapped Up


First of all…I just realised Day 18 has disappeared! I definitely wrote and published it, but it’s gone. I’m going to try and track it down and republish it later if I can.

Anyway, on to today and my latest festive related challenges. Can you believe how close it is getting now? Seriously where has December gone? This is a good one…wrapping the gifts. 

I thought decorating the tree was difficult, that’s nothing compared to wrapping gifts. I mean it’s a challenge at the best of times. There is no comfortable way to sit to carry out this task, my back aches, the sellotape sticks to everything it’s not supposed to , and that’s before you even factor the cats into the mix.

They got excited just by the rolls of wrapping paper, then the shredded paper and then it was excitement overload when the ribbon came out…


…and Jess stole it and hid under the table! When she was done with that she went peeking at her presents.

img_5583Naughty Jess!

It really was a challenge, but I got there. I’m all organised for Christmas, with days to spare! Woohoo. It’s getting exciting now.


Are you ready for Christmas?

Julz xx


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