Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Jumpers


I have become a little bit obsessed with Christmas clothing and accessories, I have lost count of how many pairs of christmas earrings I own, and now my jumper collection is growing to. Continue reading


Blogmas Day 13: It’s Not Been a Blogmas Kind of Day 


Ok, so I know it’s not technically day 13 anymore but I wanted to pop a little something up. I really don’t want to leave a Blogmas day empty, but at the same time I didn’t want to just put up a crappy filler type post.

Blogmas is about posting every day, and today wasn’t a great day, so rather than pretend it was and put up a happy, festive post I’m just going to talk about how I am really feeling. Unfortunately not every day can be a good one.

It’s times like these I wish I was a cat…I mean could Nugget be anymore chilled in the picture above? Continue reading

Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Tree Problems


Have you ever tried putting up and decorating a christmas tree with two cats around? My advice is don’t!

I’m on day two so far of putting up the tree, it’s definitely going to take until day 3. I need to find a way to keep the cats out the tree. I am reluctant to put the decorations on until I have found a way to put them off. It’s one thing a tree falling over but a decorated one is just a nightmare. Continue reading

Blogmas Day 10: A Guide to Living Alone


I have been living alone for a little over a year now and if I’m honest….I SUCK at it! Seriously I am useless! I have however learned a lot, so I thought I would share my wisdom and help you to learn from my mistakes.

Budget, Budget, Budget
So apparently money really doesn’t grow on trees. It is so important to know exactly where your money is going, and to budget for things and keep on top of bills. I am useless at this because once I see something I want, I have to have it, don’t get me wrong my bills are always paid first,but there is never any saving up. The thing is though you need to learn to save up for the things you really want instead of just buying them.

Be Organised
This kind of goes along with the budget thing, but you need to be organised. For so many different reasons. One of which is food shopping. I am the sort of person that will go shopping and just pick up anything I think I might need. The problem with that is that  most of it ends up in the bin. It makes total sense to plan your meals for the week ahead and then only buy what you need. I have done this several times, but after a couple of weeks I give up!

Cleaning Fairies Don’t Exist
Apologies to anyone who truly believes in the cleaning fairies, they are not real. I know, what the hell right? Prioritising cleaning was never my strong point and now I don’t have anyone to motivate me to do it it’s even harder. I’m just a messy person I can’t help it. I need to start a schedule of what chores to do on what day. Oh and for god sake just do your dishes as you go, there is nothing worse than going to make a cuppa and realising you need to wash every single mug you own.

Do Not Forget the Bins
Ok this one sounds odd I know,  but I always forget to put the bins out for collection and it’s a pain in the arse. Seriously set some sort of reminder or something. Where I live the bins only get collected once every two weeks, so if I forget that’s a month’s worth of rubbish and one small bin! Doesn’t work very well really.

Remember to Leave the House 
It’s all too easy to let your own home become your little cocoon and not leave unless it’s to go to work. You can get too comfortable. It’s a safe place, no one to annoy you, no one else to think about, just you and yourself. That can be ok sometimes, but all the time it isn’t good for you. Sometimes you need to leave, even if it’s only to take a walk to the shop. Step out of your comfort bubble once in a while.

There you have it. My top tips for living alone. Now if only I would live by them. Hmm..maybe when I get my next place.

Julz xx