New Year, Not So New Me

I was tempted to go along the cliche route of a ‘New Year,  New Me’ post,  but it would be a load of rubbish really. I am definitely not a new me. I am still exactly the same person I was last year.

I have goals for this year like everyone else, but only when I achieve those will I be able to say I am a new me.

I do want to achieve a lot this year, probably an unrealistic amount to be quite honest, but it’s good to aim big!

I have come up with a few New Year’s Resolutions but I have made them quite open and difficult to fail. I haven’t put specific goals because I know if I’m not achieving that I will be disappointed and give up. Take a look…..

Deal with problems – I am one hundred percent a procrastinator, an avoider, of things I need to deal with. An example of this is that over the past few years I have had a problem with my hand that has been getting worse and worse and it was only yesterday I got round to going to see a dr about it…oops!

Exercise regularly – I am incredibly unfit it’s ridiculous. The thing is I enjoy exercising and feel great when I do it, my issue is motivating myself to get exercising in the first place. I want to aim for 3/4 times a week to exercise but I’m not setting myself up for a fail with a specific goal. So far so good though 5 out of the last 7 I have done some exercise. Nothing drastic just easing myself into it.

Take more risks – I am definitely guilty of allowing my anxiety to stop me from doing things I want to do. I want to really try and push past that this year. I want to start focusing on the good side of doing things rather than the bad thing that has a one in a gazillion chance of happening.

Have fun – I guess this one kind of goes along with the taking more risks. Basically the same thing, it all comes down to living life rather than observing others live theirs.

Eat better – My diet is terrible! I don’t just mean I eat a lot, or all junk. I just eat the wrong things and at the wrong times. I work shifts and that can make meal times very confusing, I don’t necessarily eat meals at the same time as you would expect. I think I am going to start organising my meals in advance again to make it a bit easier. It’s just to easy too grab something quick at work that is terrible for you!

Yeah, so nothing too hard there really,feeling positive about the year ahead!

Have you made any resolutions? Did you stick to last years?

Julz xx


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