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Can you believe it is the end of January already? I actually can. Seriously it has been quite a long month, and I have done nothing other than work and sleep pretty much. Great start to the year Julie, great start! 

I haven’t been a total failure though and I have stuck to the one new year’s resolution that I never thought I would. I’ve been exercising regularly! I know what the hell? It’s like this crazy determination an dedication has just come out of nowhere and I feel guilty if I miss more than a day. Don’t get me wrong I’m not all of a sudden a fitness freak, I’m just doing some simple stuff for now, but it is a start.

So what have I been liking this month?

Well let’s first talk about Ed Sheeran, he’s finally back with some new music. I don’t think he has ever produced a track I don’t like. Not only has he come back but he has done it with two brand new songs! I have to say I do like both but Castle On The Hill is definitely my favourite.

I have a bit of a confession, I have wasted A LOT of my month away watching Netflix. I only got it about 2 months ago, if that, I know I know, where have I been? Yeah so since then I have watched every episode of: The Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. As well as several movies, I must have watched Chalet Girl at least 5 times and god knows what else. It’s getting ridiculous, I may have to limit myself to an hour a day of tv time.

It’s only when I go to write something like this and take a look back at my month that I realise how little I have done.

Never mind I am now on a week off of work so hopefully I will find something fun to do. Definitely want to have more to talk about next month, because so far this year is a bit…blah.

How has your January been?

Julz xx


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