February Sourced Box


I really have been loving Sourced Box recently. I am 100% a snacker. I am constantly picking away at food. I am also a comfort eater. All of this means I have problems with my weight. Now some people would say cut out the snacks…yeah right…easier said than done.

Obviously I do need to cut down on snacks but I also need to find healthy alternatives for those times that I just really need a snack. Sourced Box is the perfect way to discover new healthy snacks without wasting a fortune buying things you end up not liking.


These little cardboard boxes are always packed completely full of goodies and this month is no exception. There are a couple of items which seem to be a little nod to Valentine’s, being that they are heart shaped, which is a nice touch.

I was excited to see that the drink this month is more of a fruity one, so far the drinks have been my only negative thing in my Sourced Box experience. I just haven’t liked any of them so far so fingers crossed this one is nice.


This was definitely the item that caught my eye first. I love coconut chips any way but to give me salted caramel flavour ones!!! I have to be honest I have already eaten these and they totally lived up to expectations, now I just need to get my hands on some more. YUM!


I was excited to see these in this month’s box because I have tried them before and I really like them. I have never actually had the lightly salted ones before I don’t think but I love the Soy and Balsamic Vinegar ones.


This is something else I’m looking forward to trying, it just sounds yummy,and I liked the packaging. Oooh shiny!

I really am looking forward to trying everything in this box to be honest, there isn’t one thing that doesn’t sound or look nice. Honestly if you are looking to find some healthy snacks to add to your diet, give Sourced Box a go, it really is a value for money service 🙂

Julz xx


3 thoughts on “February Sourced Box

    • Just Julz says:

      I totally agree the raw chocolate and cranberries is great! Realistically the box probably lasts me a couple of weeks depending on the contents. I don’t think this one is going to last me too long because I just want to eat it all, temptation may prove too much 🙂 Definitely recommend giving it a go! x

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