Sourced Box | May

If you read my post Cut The Crap you will know that I am trying to eat a lot healthier these days and have replaced my unhealthy snacks with healthier options. I have been getting Sourced Box for a while now but this month I am more excited than ever to receive it because I really am enjoying discovering new snacks and eating that bit healthier. I think it is so easy to stick with one thing when you find something you like but that’s never a good idea because when you get bored of it it is too tempting to go back to the unhealthy options. It’s definitely important for me to have plenty of variety.

What’s in this months box?


Teapigs Elderflower Matcha Drink
Nuto Salt & Pepper Popped Lotus Seeds
The Department of Breakfast Salted Caramel Crumble Granola
Goodio Wild Blueberry Chocolate
Clearly Scrumptious Strawberry Crummies
Teapigs  Clean and Green Tea
The Toasted Seed Company Curry Crunch Seeds
The Pretty Smart Food Co. Cocoa & Almond Rawcha Bar
IRaw Healthy Habits Choco Rocket Raw Cookies
Oloves Chilli & Oregano Olives

So here is the things I was most excited to try and what I thought about them.


I was so excited to try this Chocolate. I find raw chocolates to be very hit and miss. This one is definitely a hit. It’s smooth and honestly could be mistaken for a regular dark chocolate. I’m not a chocoholic but now and again I take a little craving for it, with a regular milk chocolate bar I would want the whole thing but a square or two of raw chocolate is more than enough to curb that craving. If you can get hold of this I highly recommend it!


I can’t make my mind up about these, I think it’s the texture I find strange. They are quite dry, but the flavour is good. These have confused me. I don’t hate them but I could probably leave them.


I am so disappointed, I didn’t like these! I like the flavouring, you can’t go wrong with salt and pepper but then theres a strange flavour in there that I can only assume comes from the lotus seed and I just do not like it at all. I tried a few to make sure but nope nope nope:(

The one thing I 100% will not be trying is the olives I seriously cannot stand them. The rest of the box though I am excited to try. If theres only a couple of things I don’t like thats ok at least I have tried some new stuff that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise.

I always look forward to receiving my Sourced Box every month and honestly recommend it so highly to anyone who enjoys healthy snacks or who is trying to discover healthy snacks.

Julz xx


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