I am such an idiot! I started writing this at the start of June and then kind of forgot to finish it, and when I finally remembered to finish it I realised I hadn’t saved it! Noooo! I’m so good at this. Let’s try this again!…

May has been a better month for me. It really started to feel like summer time with the longer days and the unusually hot weather we have had. Its amazing how a bit of sunshine can totally change your state of mind and lift your spirits.

May was the month I started to challenge myself to improve my diet, mainly cutting out unhealthy snacks. I think I have done pretty well so far, you can read about it here.

I even went out for a couple of walks! Living wildly haha! Hey it’s exercise, that is not something I do often so when I do it is definitely worth a mention.

I met a hedgehog this month. Apologies for the crappy picture it was dark out and I didn’t want to scare it with the flash.


I would probably say I could count on one hand the amount of times I have seen a hedgehog in my life, yet this month I have had at least three experiences with them. Twice I caught one in my garden but by the time I got my hands in a camera they were escaping through the fence. I wonder if it’s been the same one every time. Also, who knew how quick these little things are?? I don’t know why I thought they would be quite slow but this one went bombing along the path after having it’s picture taken. They are so very cute when they aren’t curled up in a spikey ball.

Oh I wish I could remember what else I did in May it seems like such a long time ago already! I guess I will just move on to my favourites.


TV wise, or rather Netflix wise because I don’t seem to watch anything on regular TV anymore, I have been binging on the Vampire Diaries. I have never ever watched it before now but in the last month or so I have watched the first 7 seasons. I realise I have missed season 8 on ITV2 and I can’t find a date for it coming to Netflix, so I now have the dilemma of do I wait, or do I pay for it on amazon. For now I will wait. I honestly didn’t think I would really like the show but I got obsessed with it. I have no idea why!


My favourite snack I have come across on my healthy eating quest has definitely been the Nothing but. Pineapple and Grape. So yummy. If I am craving something sweet this is perfect and it is just pineapple and grape so I don’t feel guilty eating it.


I picked up a new Mac Lipstick this month. They recently collaborated with some YouTubers from around the world. Each YouTubers lipstick was only available in their country I believe. For the UK it was Fleur De Force who collaborated with them and the lipstick she produced was lovely. It’s genuinely just a really nice nude, in the cremesheen formula. It was released in May as a limited edition and sold out very quickly online so I’m pretty sure it is now going to be impossible to get hold of. I didn’t realise how quickly it sold out so I am happy I got hold of it when I did.

OK that will do for now I think. I may have to start writing my June post now so that I don’t forget stuff! HaHa!

Did you have a good May?

Julz xx


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