Why I Stopped

It has been well over a year since I last posted to this blog.

I have tried time and time again to come back to it but never get further than the first few lines.

For a long time I haven’t been able to figure out why…until now.

Let’s face it by the time you read some of the huge blogs out there, or look through some of the highest followed Instagrammers or of course watch some of the biggest YouTubers it feels pretty much impossible to measure up.

I love social media and all the different platforms that we have at our fingertips purely to  express our creativity, but at the same time I truly truly hate it.

Let’s take YouTube as an example. Think of some of the creators that started in the very beginning and are still going now. It is absolutely amazing what they have been able to achieve through what began as a hobby. A career built on challenge videos and hauls…it’s the dream right?

Well that’s just it, it is a dream to most of us, and likely an unachievable one. I see how far some of these people have come and I genuinely think ‘Wow! Good for them!’. At the same time though it makes you want to live the way they do .

Not only that when it comes to creating content of my own I want the same standard I see on blogs that have been going for years, that have a lot of followers and probably a lot of time and money invested in them.

I guess what I am saying is it is so easy to view your own life, and content, as average when you read/follow/ watch some of the big influencers out there.

Perhaps in this glossy influencer world being an average Joe might actually be, dare I say it, a good thing.

I am what I am, this blog is what it is, and I write it because I enjoy it, not because I think it’s necessarily what people want to read.

Time to start this again!

See you soon




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