Jess and Nugget

Jess and Nugget are my two little kitty cats.  They are ever so slightly mental but oh so cute.

Jess is the black and white cat and Nugget the ginger and white.

Jess is 3 and Nugget is 2 and a half. They have very different personalities and it’s crazy I think of them almost as if they are human sometimes.

Jess is VERY independent and knows exactly what she wants. She will only give cuddles when I am in bed and does not like being picked up unless it is so she can see something better. She’s a little lady…most of the time.

Nugget is a little snuggle bum, but also a typical boy. If there’s a way he can get in trouble he will. He is very mischievous and terrorises his sister, but he is just too darn cute to be mad at .

Basically they are like my children and I love them to bits. There will no doubt be regular posts about them here on Just Julz but if you want to keep up with them they have their own Instagram at jess_and_nugget. Please go and check them out and give them a follow 🙂