Sourced Box | May

If you read my post Cut The Crap you will know that I am trying to eat a lot healthier these days and have replaced my unhealthy snacks with healthier options. I have been getting Sourced Box for a while now but this month I am more excited than ever to receive it because I really am enjoying discovering new snacks and eating that bit healthier. I think it is so easy to stick with one thing when you find something you like but that’s never a good idea because when you get bored of it it is too tempting to go back to the unhealthy options. It’s definitely important for me to have plenty of variety.

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Sourced Box | March


I’ve been subscribed to Sourced Box for a few months now and I am still as excited to receive it as I was that first box. I’ve discovered things I would never have thought to try before and I am just really enjoying these boxes.

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